My process balances tactics like getting into a flow and getting lost,

as I see each as the other’s productive counterpart.

self-portrait as a planet, non-linear video (2016)

Working as an artist and a curator

Curatorial Exteriorisation, Sepculation for tool, video-loop 8'50" (2019)

I produce forms that are more open and comfortable towards complexity and confusion

but are at the same time more compatible with the many ways in which we learn

and think.

I am an artist with a curatorial research practice,

responding to the role of the curator by directly falling from it,

We Are Together Because..., collaboratively written text accompanying show with the same name (2018)

which gives my practice a crossover characteristic.

I am committed to creating horizontal structures that facilitate collaborative spheres for cross-disciplinary learning.


Logo for 'sandbox studio' (2018) learn about sandbox studio via:

in which I focus on ties and bounds, information and resources,

to make my practice inherently sustainable rather than concentrated on its intrinsic logic.

Aside from curatorial and artistic theory,

I study theories of motivation,

social design,

feminist pedagogy,

methods of usership in online and offline networks

human and non-human concepts of ‘intellegence’

and other unexpected trails of 'togetherness'

to come to forms that assay the way we produce.

Study into the 'Desert Mothers' (2018) read more on my research blog:

Informed by an interest in learning innovations,

grounded in my experience of being educated within an experimental curriculum, that formed my awareness of the ecology of learning itself,

I employ pedagogical tactics and methods within my process.

sandbox studio, workshop for sharing curatorial knowledge (2018)

This usually results in long-term investments

in certain ideas and subjects

forming a doubled practice where learning is both the producing and that which is being produced.

To communicate this doubled outcome,

I develop ways,

The Following does not Exist (2018), Curated Podcast on:


Chips from 'the unglamorous crit' (2018)

and tools

Visual Method for non-linear project developement' (2018)

that feed into new investments.

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